Location:  Deveron Centre

When:  6:30 every Monday

Duration:  1hr

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These training sessions are usually held at the Deveron Centre in Banff and are coached by David Naughton. David has been coaching with the club for many years now providing a wide variety of different sessions and other activities,he tries to tailor each session to a personal ability level.

The sessions usual start the same way with an easy run to warm up and then some drills, ranging from the usual high knees and butt-kicks to weird and wacky ones called karioka and K kicks, just to warm up the muscles you might forget.

Afterwards, the session truly starts and these sessions can be Fartleks, intervals or even the infamous Mona Fartlek. These sessions will either be based around time or distance but will usually last no more than 30min with around 3-4 miles in total.

After everyone has finished we do stretches to properly relax the muscles. If this sounds something you might be interested in, come to the Deveron Centre at 6:30 on any Monday to join in and have fun.

Please check the Facebook page before coming incase a session has been canceled. Although this is rare as we train even in the toughest conditions.

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Location:  Deveron Centre
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When:  6:15 every Wednesday

Duration: 30min to 1hr 30min

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The Wednesday runs starting at 6:15 are more of a social event, running at any pace you like while talking to some other runners, the runs usually start at the Deveron Centre Banff but occasionally start at other places Like Portsoy,Boyndie or further afield like Turriff or Gardenstown, so check the facebook before coming along to see where it will be that week.

There are usually a few different routes of different distances to tailor to everyones ability, these can sometimes range from 4 miles all the way up to 8 but there is no pressure to run further than you can, so just come along and have some fun.

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Map of Location

Our Coach

Photo of David Naughton the coach of the club

David Naughton

Below are some past training sessions

Split 500’s

Helps to improve finishing kick during a race,

The session is:

500m reps - 400m @5k pace- final 100m fast. Then 200m walk recovery. The amount of reps depends on current ability, trying to build up to 10 max.

5 minutes

This session is to help speed up your longer runs

The session is:

6 X 5 minutes (800m or 600m fast then remaining time recovery)

Mona Fartlek

This session is to work on your endurance and to fight back against fatigue

The session is:

4 X 15s Fast 15s Slow
4 X 30s Fast 30s Slow
4 X 60s Fast 60s Slow
2 X 90s Fast 90s Slow
4 X 60s Fast 60s Slow
4 X 30s Fast 30s Slow
4 X 15s Fast 15s Slow


Faster and Shorter Interval Distance

This session is to improve your final sprint and keep pushing until the end

The session is:

3 X ( 300m Fast 100m Slow
200m Fast 100m Slow
100m Fast 400m Slow)


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